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The Guardian



This Event is offered by the SCA Life Long Learning Club

Monday, May 23  @ 4:30 p.m. in the Delaware Room, Anthem Center
“The Guardians” the movie will be shown from 4:30 - 6:30 pm. 
At 7p.m. Rana Goodman will answer questions and provide State of Nevada forms that will allow you to list your elected Guardian and contact information. 
This information will be kept in a secured database of the Nevada Secretary of State.
The documentary movie, “The Guardians” examines the systematic abuse of elderly people in Las Vegas; a true tale of our society's most vulnerable citizens robbed of their life savings, healthcare decisions and autonomy. Corrupt court appointed guardians take control of their lives armed with court-orders obtained under dubious circumstances, removing elderly wards from their homes, isolating them from their families and emptying their bank accounts. In a saga that reaches to the top level of government, victims come together to seek justice, resolution and freedom. Forms will be available for all attendees. 

REMINDER: May 14 Meeting n Workshop


Meeting Date and Time:   SATURDAY MAY 14 @ 10 AM

Club Monthly Meeting - 10AM to Noon

Workshop - Noon to 2 PM


Lunches are being provided. 

CALL Mary Bruner at (702)-837-7371


LOCATION:   SCA Independence Center – Morris-Nelson Room


                       SPEAKERS:   Joe Weaver, Nevada State Director for the Republican National Committee

                                   Alex Watson, Nevada Election Integrity Director from the RNC


May 2022 Spirit Article

The Republican Club meets on the second Saturday of each month at 10:00 a.m. in the Morris/Nelson Room in Independence Center. Come one come all. All residents of Sun City Anthem that is. The Republican Club of Sun City Anthem welcomes all residents to join. We come in all colors, cultures, nationalities, religions, and we are proud of it. Learn about the issues important to you.

The Games are afoot

The political candidate race that is.

Who will be the winner?

May 14 – REPUBLICAN NATIONAL COMMITTEE:  Our speaker will be Joe Weaver, Nevada State Director for the Republican National Committee (RNC). Joe will tell us about the work being done in Nevada and Clark County to register voters and encourage Republican voters in November.

MAY 14 – SPECIAL MEETING, immediately after our regular monthly meeting:  Alex Watson, Nevada Election Integrity Director, is tasked with ensuring state and local election integrity.  Alex will be training us on how we can support safe elections by volunteering as election workers, poll watching and other activities. The RNC realizes how important YOU and all SUN CITY ANTHEM RESIDENTS are to the November election. Let’s do our part!

On JUNE 11, OUR SPEAKER WILL BE MANNY KESS, CANDIDATE FOR NEVADA STATE TREASURER. Manny Kess is the Founder of the Kess Group, a full-service hospitality and concierge company offering VIP experiences for luminaries, celebrities, and elite visitors to Las Vegas and beyond. We expect many of the successful candidates from June primary to attend and be hoping to talk to you.

On April 9, we had a candidate forum with over 30 candidates participating. The attendance from Sun City Anthem residents and their guest was terrific. Everybody had an opportunity to sign petitions to incorporate voter ID provisions into the Nevada Constitution and reduce possibility of fraud in the mail in ballot process.

Opportunity to put integrity back into the voting system will continue at each of our meetings and events thru mid-June. So, if you have not signed the petitions, please come to a meeting and sign. We all want confidence in our elections.

The core Republican principles are constitutionally limited government, fiscal discipline, individual freedom and responsibility, free markets and economic freedom, and the preservation of our national military and moral strength.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 



Biden Says Buy American


With soaring debt and inflation, high unemployment, and fundamental products no longer available on store shelves, Americans have heard many presentations and interviews by national leaders emphasizing the theme of “Made in America”, giving the impression that American industry and workers are being put back to work.   But sometimes actions speak louder than words.

The attached article discusses events of the last two weeks, telling a very different story.

Please let us know if you like the articles we have shared with you, and if you’d like them to continue.  Place a note in the Sun City Republican Club Mailbox by the Fitness Center in Anthem.

We Are ALL Americans

During this time of troubling headlines and divisive discourse across our nation, it is important that we remember that we are ONE America.  We worked through over 200 years to create and build this country, giving all its citizens an equal opportunity to be educated, to grow, to achieve recognition, to be innovative and  to be a leading world power. 

The Republican Club is sharing the following article to provide community, support and cohesion across our diverse population.  Remember, We Are ALL Americans.